About Us

Praseco is an ecommerce mobile application for green and eco friendly products and services. The name Praseco is spelled reverse where eco stands for eco friendly and pras stands for products and services. Praseco offers you a greener alternative for your household requirements through its wide range of products and services. It is a platform where from order to delivery no plastic is involved. We reduce the plastic usage through our eco friendly packaging.

The wide range of Praseco products include Clay, Metal, Glass, Coconut Shell, Wooden items etc. for your household requirements and cloth bags for your shopping requirements. Moreover we also have range of nursery products for you to feel closer to mother nature. Our services include Gardener and Plumber services to help you maintain your garden and save water.

Praseco was formed with the thought of providing a platform to those people who wants to do their bit for the nature. This platform offers you several products and services to help you give something back to the nature. We have just started this journey but we intend to reach to a point where this line will hold true for us "If its good for Eco, its there on Praseco".